Mobile Marketing and SMS Business Opportunities



There are essentially two parts to the equation for anyone looking for SMS business opportunities.  As the text message marketing marketplace matures there are sure to be more.

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The purpose of this article is to provide a brief outline of just some of the ways a current brick and mortar business owner can take advantage of this relatively new technology to add profits to the bottom line.  Further down the page I provide some resources for those looking to get into the business of selling mobile and text message marketing services to their own local business owners and marketplace.

Many business owners who are having good results with their text/sms promotions will tell their other business owner friends on how to go about it.  Many of the smart ones sign up as an affiliate of a text message marketing service and make a monthly commission from the referral. Someone is going to get a cut of that monthly fee, why shouldn’t it be you?

The results of, and testimonials from business owners who are getting results from their own text message marketing campaigns are almost hard to believe at times. But from my own personal experience of dealing with business owners of many sizes who have a proper mobile marketing campaign in place as part of their overall advertising efforts, the numbers hold true.

A text marketing/text coupon campaign and promotion done in the right way does in fact provide the best return on advertising dollars spent. Many business owners who have attempted to improve business by marketing to their customers on their mobile phones and have not had the results that they thought they would get simply give up on the idea of it all.  They should not give up.  They are just going about it all wrong.

The beauty of building a mobile phone number list of your customers and marketing to them through text coupons or simple text messages is that the monthly cost of doing it all is so low. Take some time to correct your mistakes.  If you send out a text to your list of customers who have asked to receive your promotions and you don’t get a good response, take a good look at what and how you were promoting.

If you send out a text that says “10% off your next purchase if you show this text message at checkout”, many if not most of your customers are going to ignore it. In many cases the only people who are going to use a 10% off coupon at your business are the ones who were planning on being there anyway.

In order to get a good response from your text message marketing campaign you have to really provide something that your customers see as a real value.  Don’t be afraid to give stuff away. Everyone loves something for free.  Make the next text coupon you send out something along the lines of a “2 for 1 special”, or even a “free dessert, no purchase necessary”.   That will get you a better response to your promotion efforts.

Where many business owners go wrong with developing their list is that they start by doing a “text-to-win” promotion. While this type of promotion will in fact build a mobile phone number list of your customers pretty quick, the problem is that after the promotion is over and you start sending them text messages promoting your business they are often offended and they not only will unsubscribe from your list, they often will stop visiting your business all together.

The reason a “text-to-win” promotion does not work very well as a long term way of building up a list of happy customers is that you are not telling them that you plan on sending them additional messages in the future.  People are funny that way.

What you need to do to build a happy and responsive list of customers to send your text message marketing messages to is tell them up front that that is what they are signing up for.  See the restaurant text messaging article on this site for more information on how to do that, it works for any sort of business, not just restaurants.

While it is not necessary for someone to have a “smart phone” to receive your text message promotions, (any phone capable of receiving text messages will work), you can be sure that as more and more people upgrade and acquire smartphones the ability for any business owner to send promotions in multiple ways to these kinds of devices will grow.  If you are a brick and mortar type business owner it is important for you to keep up with the times.

Mobile marketing and other opportunities to promote your business through sms/text messaging marketing services are sure to grow.

The time to start building a list of your customers mobile phone numbers to market to is now. There are many different companies you can use to do this.  One of my favorites is Moto Message. They have a variety of plans to choose from and your text message credits roll over from month to month.

Another company that many of my customers like is Yep Text. They also have a variety of options to choose from.  Both of these companies provide you with all of the resources you need to get your sms promotion off to a good start.

How To Start My Own Text Message Marketing Business?

Thinking about starting your own text message marketing company? One of the best companies that we have found as far as a “white label” program goes is Promo 2 Cell.

These people really have it together and offer many options for those looking to get into the business of selling SMS marketing, Business text marketing, and Mobile Phone Marketing products to local businesses.

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For those who are looking to become a mobile marketing promoter or affiliate check out the Yep Text Affiliate Program. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via the “contact us” link at the top of the page.

Kurt Simula