Restaurant Text Marketing | SMS Promotions

Written By: Kurt Simula

It hasn’t been until just recently that a restaurant text message marketing campaign could be set up with ease.

Text message advertising, or sms promotions* were out of reach for the small business owner for the first few years that the technology was available.

These days with companies like Promo 2 Cell, Moto Message, Yep Text, and others, with their simple to use interfaces or “dashboards”, a restaurant owner can literally set themselves up within a few minutes. This means that advertising to your customers via text messaging is now easy.  You just have to get them on your list.  Amazingly, that is pretty easy too.

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How Does This All Work?

Nobody wants to get text messages out of the blue from some place that they have never heard of. That would be spam, and thankfully there are laws against it when it comes to mobile phones.  Everyone deals with enough of it in their email account.  The FCC regulates the airwaves though, and if you want to have a list of potential customers to send an sms promotion to (legally), you’ll have to get their permission.

I have personally taken this to the streets, signed up business owners, and I’ve seen the positive results it can have on a local business, whether it’s a restaurant, bar, nightclub, or just about any variety of small business.  I am constantly amazed at all of the different ways there are to use this to increase sales, and add profits to the bottom line.

restaurant text messaging and sms promotions


Here’s the gist of it.  See that picture over to the left?

Picture that as a “table tent” on your tables, or a flyer your waiters and waitresses can hand out to your customers.

At the same time they  explain that if they text your “keyword”,   (the keyword on this card you see is “progress” , obviously) to that five digit number they will get a text right back with a “two for one special” or a “free drink”, or what have you.

They can then redeem the “coupon” on their next visit if they show the text they received from you.  An electronic coupon!! How cool.  Your customers will think so too and text right away.

As your list of customers grows you can send (and they will start to expect) a text out with your “electronic coupon” telling them of your special that week.

Recent studies show that if a local business sends a text out to their “list”  that they are getting between a 10 and 20% response rate.  Incredible!  On a weekly basis!

It doesn’t take long for most any restaurant to  build up a list of 200 – 300 customers that they can send a weekly text coupon out to.  With this form of restaurant mobile marketing, after just a few months many restaurants easily have 1000 or more customers on their list.  I’ll let you run the numbers on that, just with a list of 200.  It will be the best ROI (return on investment) of any of your advertising, bar none.

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* Text message advertising, sms promotions, and sms advertising are used interchangeably in this article.  They are the same thing.